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Perry Caravello Johnny Knoxville

An actor is suing “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville, TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and radio personality Adam Carolla, claiming he was never paid $10 million for doing a below-the-belt stunt that left him severely injured.

Perry Caravello claims Kimmel never paid him for his work in the 2003 TV movie “Windy City Heat.” According to the suit, Knoxville also promised to pay him to promote the DVD release of the film on Carolla’s show last fall if he agreed to place his genitals in a mousetrap.

“Plaintiff agreed to do so, and, much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood,” the suit contended.

The suit claims that Caravello signed a contract with Dakota North Entertainment Inc., a company that Kimmel heads. But Kimmel, Knoxville and others never paid Caravello or gave him an accounting of profits and royalties from DVD sales of “Windy City Heat,” the suit claims.

It seeks a total of $10.5 million in damages.

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Lindsay Lohan Busted Possession

Lindsay Lohan Busted for Possession

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Paris Hilton who was last week jailed for 45 days for driving with a suspended license – could serve less than three weeks due to a state directive to reduce terms for good behavior and to ease overcrowding. Read the rest of this entry »

Jennifer Lopez Scientology adept

Jennifer Lopez, “amazing” actress and artist, slipped a Scientology-speak on American Idol , leading people to wonder if she’s more involved in the Church than she’s letting on.

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When questioned what was the strangest thing you’ve ever tried, Keith Richards answered :
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