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‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera has gone public with his Jessica Simpson romance, admitting the fling ended his volatile romance with on/off girlfriend Jennifer Rivell.

She broke thousands of dollars worth of s**t at my house and all the rest of it – but at least it gave me a good excuse to dump her. (Bam Margera)

The Viva la Bam star, who is now married to childhood sweetheart Missy Rothstein, was romantically linked to Simpson after she split from husband Nick Lachey in 2005. Simpson has always denied reports, despite Margera’s boasts during interviews that he briefly dated the pop star.

Bam Margera Jessica Simpson

And now Margera is coming clean about the romance, admitting his Simpson fling came to an end when his former fiancee found out about it. Margera says, “We were seeing each other for a while – but that whole Hollywood thing just isn’t me. I guess it was good it happened though.
“The stories about me and Jessica prompted my ex, who I had been seeing on and off, to go nuts. She went crazy.
“She broke thousands of dollars worth of s**t at my house and all the rest of it – but at least it gave me a good excuse to dump her.
“I got rid of her after that, so, in a way, I can be grateful to Jessica Simpson. She helped me on the path of true love.”

Original article taken from Jessica Simpson fan page.


I’m starting to think that the paparazzi following Lindsay Lohan all the time are also cops 🙂

Lindsay Lohan Busted DUIAnyway, this is breaking news, and are covering the story. This is the second time she gets caught for drinking and driving. I don’t see a bright future for her, frankly.

She was arrested for DUI in Santa Monica at around 2:15 AM this morning, according to the LA Sheriff’s department.

Just last week, Lohan was quietly booked by Beverly Hills PD for an alleged Memorial Day weekend DUI crash. She was due back in court on August 24 to face charges of driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and misdemeanor hit and run.

Lindsay just turned 21 — legal drinking age — earlier this month. She’s been voluntarily wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet for the past couple of weeks, even flaunting the device during a recent beach outing in Malibu.

These are some serious sh*t and the charges she will face are very ugly. Bad day to be Lindsay Lohan.

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..because Paris got out, after 23 days of ‘detention’ ! She’s back ladies and gentlemans
Paris Hilton spent her first day of freedom Tuesday (26th June) in her family’s Bel-Air mansion, receiving visitors and gifts of flowers and balloons.

Paris Hilton out of jail

“She’s very happy to be home – very, very happy,” said her aunt, Kyle Richards, who arrived with her two daughters. Richards said Hilton planned to relax and “spend family time.”

“I think she’s just excited to be at home and be with her family,” Richards added. Read the rest of this entry »

Last night was the Grand Finale of Britain’s Got Talent. My favourite contestant, Paul Potts, sang Nessun Dorma again and he was absolutely incredible. Seeing him sing and listening to his wonderful voice gave me the goose bumps again.
I think he won fair and square and he deserves it.

Watch this video of the performance that got him almost $200.000 and the chance to sing for her Majesty, the Queen of England :

It was as if the tension would never end – but finally, eventually, painfully… Dec announced Paul Potts as the Britain’s Got Talent winner.

It was a moment where futures were made and dreams were dashed. But even though every one of the performers here has an outstanding talent, only one could scoop the big prize tonight.

Two million votes were cast by the British public. For the big winner, welshman Paul Potts, tonight starts a week of newspaper interviews, magazine features and TV appearances. Life won’t be quite the same ever again.

As Ant and Dec congratulated the singer – or was that held him up – he told them – “I can’t believe I’ve won it – I’m like jelly. Performing for the Quen means absolutely everything. Thank you for believing in me”.

The man Simon Cowell described as “a shy and humble guy with a great talent” will now “be in the recording studio next week making his first album”.

As well as the £100,000 prize cheque, the Britain’s Got Talent winner recieves an invitation to perform at the Royal Variety Performance, by invitation of her Majesty the Queen.

The Royal Variety Perfromance will be shown on ITV1 on December 3rd 2007. We’ll see Paul, our very deserving winner, taking their much deserved place in the spotlight then.

For the opera singer – indeed, for all of the finalists on stage tonight – have proved it – Britain’s Got Talent. It’s may be kept hidden, it might be a secret. But it’s out there. Paul can sing. What can you do?

Paul Potts The Opera GuyPaul Potts Winner

Here’s the proof that dreams do come true, even if you’re an average guy without a talent. If you work hard, it will eventually pay off.

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According to their show time schedule, the the Final of Britain’s Got Talent is live as I write this post.


Sunday 17th June


Britain’s Got Talent – The Live Final

Britain’s Got Talent – The Live Final Results

The Finalists are Paul Potts (aka The Opera Guy), Connie Talbot (the six-year-old singer), Damon (and his hilarious monkey puppet) and Dominic. Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Potts has made it in the Final of Britain’s Got Talent Tv Show!

Paul Potts Opera Guy

Once again, his performance was out of this world, and made jury member Amanda Holden cry again.
It felt like Jelly” answered Paul Potts when asked how did it felt, by the host. Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Potts was hiding in a mobile phone store in England, ‘posing’ as an average salesmen until he came up on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent” TV-show and KICKED everyone’s ass!

Now, Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma on UK talent show “Britain’s got Talent” featuring Simon Cowell as a judge.

Read the rest of this entry »

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