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Tommy Lee and Kimberly Stewart hooked up?

Posted on: July 2, 2007

Kimberly Stewart
and Tommy Lee have been spotted all over town lately.The couple are obviously boinking and living it up together.

I’m not really surprised at these two hooking up because they both love to slut it up, but honestly I didn’t think Kim had big enough boobs for Tommy.

Tommy Lee Kimberly Stewart

They’ve both been kicking around Babylon for years, so what took Tommy Lee and Kimberly Stewart so long to hook up? He’s a tattooed Romeo who has wooed everyone from sexpot Pam Anderson to rocker Pink. She’s the daughter of legendary rocker Rod Stewart who has been engaged to Cisco Adler and dated numerous lads, including hunky British cad Callum Best, the onetime love of Lindsay Lohan. They both hang out around Los Angeles looking for someone to give them attention, at the Starbucks, nightclubs, stores, restaurants, so we’re amazed they finally made it official. Celebrity Babylon caught the two going for coffee in Beverly Hills after a night of clubbing. Tommy Lee, 44, seems to have slimmed down to manorexia weight level, and Kimberly, 27, looks like she’s thinking: “So he’s not Mr Right, he’s Mr ‘Right Now!'” That’s right Kimbo, one of these days you’ll land a good one who wants to help you drain your sizeable trust fund!


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