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Paris: Go To Jail !

Posted on: June 10, 2007

Just a day after Paris Hilton was ordered to return to jail, the hotel heiress declared that she won’t be appealing her 45-days sentence and that she is learning and growing from her experience in prison.

Paris Hilton back to jail

Her change of heart came Saturday when she announced in a statement released by one of her attorneys that she won’t fight her sentence after a brief stint under house arrest at her Hollywood Hills home.

Today, I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge’s decision,” Hilton said in the statement. “While I greatly appreciate the sheriff’s concern for my health and welfare, I intend to serve my time at L.A. County Jail.”

The sophisticated celebrity was at a maximum-security detention center, where she was believed to be undergoing medical and psychiatric evaluations to determine the best jail to keep her in as she serves the rest of her sentence.

In tears and screaming for her mother, Paris Hilton was taken to the downtown Twin Towers facility Friday afternoon after Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ordered her back to jail.

To be honest, I am a bit surprised about how things turned out to be with this episode of Paris Hilton’s life.

Later Edit: I’ve came across this parody video of Paris Hilton‘s situation 🙂 Enjoy !


2 Responses to "Paris: Go To Jail !"

Glad Paris Is Adjusting To Her New Life In The Big House

And that she’s learning and growing in so many ways…

i’m am glad (rubbing my hands together with evil glee look) that she will have to serve her original sentence of 45 glorious days in PRISON locked up for 23 hours a day GOOD! she better learn the lesson.

she hasn’t got anything to contribute to this world so she shouldn’t get any publicity.

Go to Jail and Stay There!

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